George holding fresh local Chrysanthemum

Fresh Flowers

We source our fresh flowers from a hand-picked selection of growers and farms from across the globe. In addition to local and nationally sourced blooms, we import stock from as far afield as Holland, Vietnam, Ecuador, Kenya, and Japan.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the product they need to flourish: unique and premium flowers at a competitive price.

Our attention to the freshness, quality and durability of our product means you spend less time worrying about sourcing materials, and more time creating beautiful flowers for your clients.

The range of flowers we'll have on display vary widely across the seasons, and our showroom will never look the same twice! Follow us on Instagram, or subscribe to our weekly newsletter for regular content updates. Or just pop in and have a look!

Bunch of native flowers, Banksia Prionotes


Locally sourced treasures